Passover Reflections

 B’chol dor vador chayav adam lir’ot et atzmo k’ilu hu hatza mimitzrayim.  (Mishnah Pesachim) “In all generations it is the duty of each person to consider himself as if he had come forth from Egypt.”

I have been thinking about this ritual of thinking “as if we ourselves came from Egypt.”
In what ways can we/ do we free ourselves?
In what ways might redemption be close, but we keep missing it because we don’t hear the story of being freed as if it could really happen to us?
What possibilities are there for breaking through our own stories and life narratives to see other readings of our life story, ones that would free us from the weight and entrapment of the current stories that we tell about ourselves?
Stanislavski  introduced the magic “what if?” to actors.  Through the words of others we encounter what it might be like to experience life as if we were living someone else’s story.
I wonder how that experience shifts or widens our view of our own selves in the world?
As I spent time with my family over Passover, I was aware of how I have shifted my story to be one that can exist parallel to the one that made me feel stuck in old patterns and routines.  I am aware of the roles that we replay in the family, roles that date back many years.  I also see the new stories and roles, how they empower and how they can constrict relationships.
I’ve become aware of my own changing story and so grateful to feel free from living it in only one way.

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